Madeline M Allen

Finding your niche in life ...

SmudgeArt Gallery is an internet Greeting Card and Gift Product service owned and operated by Madeline M Allen
Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada. Since: 2009

In serving our communities we specialize in
Unique Custom Digital Artwork Greeting Cards
@ smudgeartgallery.com
We are pleased to announce our new line of now
Hospice Cards FROM
TheTerminally Ill Patient
With Thousands of
Greeting Cards & Products
Created for You ...

We offer in Our Shops Online ...

Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversary, Wedding,
Get Well and many other categories that fill
Our Print On Demand Shops
With Beauty and Sentiment
For you to choose from ...

Or if you want something more
Unique and Personal,
We will always have time for creating
Your Personalized Requests!
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